Rose of a different nature


I have recently discovered The Rose Bowl flea market and it is not like any other. It has vintage, old, new and a ton of handmade items. I was quite overwhelmed when I first walked through the isles of the market. I was too hesitant to actually purchase something because there were so many more rows left to explore. Not to mention my haggling skills were not great, being shy I was too timid to try and offer a lower price. You know it’s bad when the sellers do the haggling for you. Me: “Umm how much is this?” Seller: “$20” Me: “Okay”, as I slowly put down the unique item unsure of what price to offer. Seller: “Okay, I’ll give it to you for $15”. Me: handing over $15 with excitement. The isles of the Rose Bowl flea market are filled with eccentric people and lovely unique items to complete your eclectic life. It’s a wonderful land and I suggest you too go travel and experience this place next month..Happy finding!!

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2 thoughts on “Rose of a different nature

  1. Great pictures!… I was in LA not so long ago and really wanted to visit this flea market and was truly disappointed that I missed it by a day! I did however, make it to the fairfax flea market which was better than I expected.

    1. Hi!! I’m happy you liked the photos. What a bummer about missing the rose bowl, it is hard to catch since it’s only one day out of the month. I actually have never been to the Fairfax flea market, good to know it is worth seeing!!

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