Feeling Ventura


One great advantage to living with the boys I do, is tagging along on their search for good waves. This last time we ended up in Ventura, a beautiful quaint little town, one of my favorites. These little road trips are great, I get to explore the beach and surrounding areas while the boys explore the break. My challenge is usually to get photos of them surfing, I think that’s why I am invited in the first place, but it works out great because I truly enjoy watching them surf. My fun also consists of running around setting the self timer and capturing self portraits. I probably look ridiculous prancing and climbing rocks to pose alone but I feel I have mastered the art of entertaining myself since I grew up as an only child. Basically I had a blast with myself, my camera and getting to observe the boys in their natural form. I hope you enjoy the day I captured in beautiful Ventura.venturarockslookoutventura

venturalookoutsurfingventuraventurabeachdaybeautifuldayatventuramattyinventurawalkingontraintrackstwotracksventuratraintracks copy

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