Distinctively LULU

golden LOCAL

I really enjoy finding local boutiques to support and always find these boutiques have a great selection of unique items. LuLu too is no exception. I wondered into this color filled boutique and instantly liked it,  with out even meeting the lovely owners or seeing the merchandise. One thing that always bothers me is when I walk into a store and the racks are packed with merchandise. LuLu is a joy to shop at because the racks are spread apart and the merchandise is easy to see and look through. I found myself finding too many items that I wanted to purchase. I also found that the store was very eclectic and really could appeal to an array of people. I love a place that you know you’ll always find something unique and make it fit your own style, LuLu too definitely offers that. I ended up adding herring bone leggings that just feel amazing on and anchor earrings to my closet. I’ll definitely be wondering in there again soon for some new spring looks.

One thought on “Distinctively LULU

  1. Thank you for the amazing review!!! Your photos are MAGICAL!!! We cannot wait to see your sweet face again!!! Soon we hope!!!
    Alli and Maggie
    333 E 17th Street
    Costa Mesa Ca. 92627

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