saturated in SPRING


There is a wonderful trend that comes along with spring, mixing prints!! I always love mixing it up a bit but it’s spring time that everyone feels a little more comfortable to really indulge in this trend. This look comes about because new styles start to appear and trends start to shift. We start seeing lighter colors and prints but our winter wardrobe is still necessary for the temperature. So we combine the new with the old to stay current. I love the looks that come about from this time of year. To combine prints is a fun and fresh way to change-up your wardrobe. I went through my wardrobe and put together outfits that I will be welcoming the new season in. Have fun mixing up your wardrobe to welcome spring!!houndstoothandtweedhoundstoothandstripesbleachandbeaniebleachedskullhatbleachedandskullpolkadotandplaidpolkadotandstripesskeletonlegsskeletonandaztecbaroquewithstripesbaroqueandstripeshighchucksandplaidhighchucksandsparlessparklesandplaid

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