SplenDid ShanGri-LA

golden LOCAL

The Shangri-la jewelry boutique is my favorite place to add some great accessories to my life. It is a cute old-fashioned trailer tucked in the corner of the LAB. I always feel like Alice after she at the “EAT ME” biscuit when I walk in there. This is part of the charm because it is a quaint boutique and you get to talk to Karen, the lovely owner, while you browse all the goodies. The jewelry is shinning,sparkling and it’s hard to not touch everything. What I love most is that the jewelry is all very unique and beautifully made but prices are very reasonable. I have a ring from here and every time I where it, without a doubt, I get compliments on it. I think everyone should see this lovely boutique with all it’s charm and wonderful jewelry that hangs from every wall.

shnagri-la trailershangrila store frontwood handsbeetle necklacesgold skullinside storelime green skullsparadigm gold ringsdiamond shaped goldgold cuffgold ring caseaztec necklacesring ring ringjewel colorsoutside looking in

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