Collaborations between stores and designers have been happening for a while. So I went around to see what was happening this spring with designers creating for stores and was pleasantly surprised. First of all when did JCPenny get so cool?? I had not been in there in ages and they have really stepped up their game. I found MNG by Mango in their own little section of JCPenny. The spring line was really great with cutoffs and colorful blazers. Then I headed to Macy’s, another store I feel really changing for the good. They offered two designers, Bar III and Kensie, very feminine looks filled with wonderful printed shirts and colorful skirts. It was fun to play with the different prints in the dressing room. Finally I went into Urbanoutfitters and found some great dresses by Mink Pink. The dresses were light, colorful and full of interesting prints. I was happy I tried on the dresses because they look better off the hanger. The best part about all these collaborations were the prices. Great deals for these designers spring looks!!mng title

mng for jcpennybar iii titlebar III skirts and floral pantbar III skirt and printed shortskensie titlekensie dresses and shortskensie stripes and polka dotsmink pink titlemink pink

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