Foreign Accessory


Hot trend alert, braces as the new accessory…Uh well maybe not. However I have added them to my face this month. I have returned to an awkward 16-year-old in a 28-year-old body. Soo much fun!! I have already been through my awkward years and somehow stayed in that phase until late in college. I thought, “I finally made it through”, but now here I am. I tried to embrace it by reminding myself that Gwen Stefani, my style icon, had braces. Unfortunately I am not and never will be as cool as her so it only saves my spirit a little. I do feel this weird kinship when I see other people who have braces. The dialogue I share with them is similar to what I imagine alcoholics would say to one another. “Hi, I am Sienna and I have had them for a month.”..” Yeah they are painful but you just have to take it one day at a time”..I am use to them already, the only time I truly hate them is at night when I am preparing for bed. I go and take all that is foreign off my body like rings, necklaces, I let down my hair and it’s then that I want to rip the braces off. Sooo one year to go and then I can rip these foreign objects out of my mouth, that will be a great day!warhol braces

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