Coachella Style


 For styling this shoot I decided to look at the girls who will be rocking out on the stages of Coachella. I mean how could you not want to move with Tegan and sara singing Closer, Yeah Yeah Yeahs playing Heads will roll or to the lovely sound ofGrimes. If you have not heard these strong ladies voices I highly recommend looking them up. I promise you wont want to sit still when you hear their music. So I pulled some spring looks together in light of coachella and all that comes with desert beauty.  I was fortunate to find everything at H&M, even though I had planned on shopping at a few stores. I just walked in and before I knew it my arms were weighed down with great finds. I hope you enjoy the looks inspired by the rocker chicks of coachella. coachella wear group look 1coachella wear group look 1-2megs coachella look 1geri coachella look 1-2geri coachella look 1me coachella look 1coachella wear group look 2coachella wear group look 2-2coachella wear group look 2-3megs coachella look 2megs coachella look 2-3megs coachella look 2-1me coachella look 2geri coachella look 2-2geri coachella look 2megs and me dancingcoachella wear group look 3-2coachella wear group look 3coachella wear group look 3-3geri coachella lookme coachella look 3me coachella look 3-2megs coachella look 3-2megs coachella look 3megs coachella look 3-3megs and geri

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