la boheme


Styled and Photographed by: State of GOlden

WOrds from: Daniel T. Olson
summer boheme lovely

In 1967 we descended on San Francisco like locusts on corn. summer bohem tank with stripe

We didn’t want to devour the city, we wanted to embrace our own lives, and if in the process we happened to destroy the dream of our fathers – a three car garage, a green lawn, and 2.5 kids – then so be it. We didn’t like the cost, we didn’t like the war.summer bohem lace tank

In the hills throughout Marine County, the green expanse above the Berkley streets, and as far as the Tahquitz Falls near Palm Springs we trekked, rambled and tromped.
summer boheme portrait

Turning on, tuning in, dropping out and looking. Always looking.
summer boheme aztec pants

summer boheme krochet tanksummer boheme floral shirt

It was the summer of love. We embraced it. We embraced oneanother. We embraced ourselves.summer boheme militant and floralsummer boheme militant green

On the corner of Haught and Shrader stood this cool looking cat with long dark hair, deep brown eyes and a beard, wearing a faux shepherd shirt and bell bottoms with flowers crawling up the sides. The dude was yelling, “Have you seen this cat?” while pointing to a poster hanging on a red brick wall. The poster read, “Wanted for sedition, criminal anarchy, vagrancy and conspiring to overthrow the established government. Etc.” summer boheme braletsummer boheme militant jacket

This dude would move to Costa Mesa and start a revolution of his own, but ours had died. Or so we thought. We went on with our lives. summer boheme nature walk

Trekking, rambling, tromping, but still looking all the time.
summer boheme beauty

Looking for our revolution. summer boheme american girl

A revolution where love took precedence over power. Where hope and hard work flung out despair.summer boheme black krochet dress

We are still searching, still seeking, still trekking and tromping. summer boheme black portraitAll clothing found at mAcys!!

6 thoughts on “la boheme

    1. Thanks Tessa!! I think Dan is an amazing writer and hope to collaborate more with him to create stories for my future photos. Thanks for the feedback!

  1. I really like the narrative idea along side the photos. It drew me into the photographs and made more sense of the style. The photographs are wonderfully done, Dee looks very natural, and Dan did a great job with creating a storyline that matched the aesthetic . Awesome Site!

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