Working Girl


Hi Hi!! so lately I have been neglecting my little blog here but it has been for good reason. I am currently assisting a wardrobe stylist on set of this indie movie. The experience has been amazing. So working on set has pushed my blog behind a bit and I really don’t want to post just to post. I like taking my time to make it special because I get overwhelmed with all the content out there on social media already…

Here are some photos that I captured on my iphone from my last two editorials. It is also a sneak peak into the spring shoot being published in STARDUST this march…

Golden wardrobeoutfit for summer editorialwardrobe stylist summer shootStyled by Sienna KayOutfits for editorial Styled by Sienna Kaystylist for editorialSpring summer editorialwardrobe stylistmagic hour shotbohemian looks

9 thoughts on “Working Girl

    1. Thanks girl!! I usually just work a little on them in photoshop. I really love messing with the shadow/highlighting effect, that is what I did with these photos. xo

      1. The third photo is soooo cool. The shadow adds an interesting depth to the shot. Really awesome. Oh yeah, and congrats on the wardrobe styling gig!

  1. hey i like your blog! i’m a new blogger that focuses on fashion and sneakers all the usual really but i’d really appreciate if you’d check out my blog, feel free to like my posts and follow my blog, i’ll follow back. I don’t want it to seem as if i’m asking for likes or anything i’m just trying to build an audience and get feedback!

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